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Welcome to Atlantic Richfield's Butte Cleanup Data Site

where you can find information and data about the remediation of the Butte Priority Soils Superfund Site located in Butte, Montana. The purpose of this site is to provide current data to the public regarding the Butte Priority Soils Operable Unit (BPSOU). This data includes chemistry and flow data from Blacktail and Silver Bow Creek, ground water chemistry and water level data, links to study specific reports and more detailed databases. more info››


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) designated Silver Bow Creek as a Superfund site in 1983, which initiated the process of collecting data and designing and implementing remediation projects within the BPSOU. more››

Remediation Timeline

The work continues today to reduce hazards caused by the mining and smelting processes. Recently, 25 new wells were installed to capture more data which will help characterize ground water movement in the area between Lower Area One and the MSD capture system. more››

Ground Water

Under the city of Butte is a complex ground water system that allows groundwater to move not only within the subsurface but to interact with surface water such as Silver Bow Creek. The groundwater system in BPSOU primarily consists of the alluvial (shallow) aquifer which is above the bedrock aquifer. more››