Butte Priority Soils Operable Unit

Frequently asked questions

How much waste is going to be removed from the creek corridor?

Current estimates suggest that over 800,000 cubic yards of waste could be removed from the corridor. Imagine filling the Finlen Hotel Tower 25 times!

Where will the waste be disposed of?

A committee, including representatives from the project stakeholders and the public, is currently evaluating potential locations to dispose of the waste. Once the committee has completed their evaluation, Atlantic Richfield and Butte-Silver Bow will recommend a repository location to the EPA and DEQ for consideration and final approval.  Regular progress updates will be given during EPA’s monthly communications call.

When will construction begin and when will it end?

Construction activities are now expected to begin in summer 2023. Completion of the entire Silver Bow Creek Conservation Area is anticipated by 2028. A map of project locations and a calendar reflecting project progress, status, and timelines are available on the project website

How will dust be controlled during construction?

Project contractors will be required to use proven methods to control dust. Water or other soil binder will be applied to exposed soils, truck loads will be covered when transporting waste, and contractors will clean public streets that are impacted by the hauling activities. Air quality monitoring stations will also be installed at the project sites to evaluate dust control effectiveness and support necessary changes, if needed.

Are road closures expected during completion of the work?

Temporary road closures and interrupted traffic are expected throughout the duration of the construction activities. The location and duration of temporary closures and traffic interruptions will not be known until a final repository location has been approved and a construction contractor has been selected. The community will be updated throughout the repository siting process, following selection of a construction contractor, and throughout construction.

What happens if roads are damaged during construction and hauling?

Atlantic Richfield Company will return roadways that are damaged by construction activities to an equal or better condition following completion of the work. 

Who will pay for the work?

Atlantic Richfield Company will perform or otherwise provide funding for completion of the remedial actions and construction of the end land use features within the Silver Bow Creek Conservation Area.

Will Silver Bow Creek from Montana Street to Texas Avenue be part of this project?

Approximately 4,000 feet of Silver Bow and Blacktail Creeks will be remediated, reconstructed, or restored as part of this work. Blacktail Creek and Silver Bow Creek between Lexington Avenue and Montana Street will be restored.  Silver Bow Creek between Montana Street and the existing stream west of Butte Reduction Works will be moved from the slag wall canyon, reconstructed through the site, and reconnected to its downstream stretch.  

Who can I contact if I have additional questions or concerns?

You can submit your questions or concerns at the Contact Us tab. Additional contact information will be provided once construction activities begin.