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Copper mountain sports & recreation complex area

The Copper Mountain Sports and Recreation Complex

Site-Specific Details

  • The evaluation includes determining if the presence of contaminants of concern, failing cap integrity, or any remaining sources outside of the cap boundary are contributing to site deficiencies
  • A comprehensive groundwater characterization effort will be performed with the goal of establishing an updated Conceptual Site Model.
  • Following evaluation reporting and updating the Conceptual Site Model, a remedial design/remedial action work plan will be developed and used to direct further remedial activities. 
  • Following the construction of remedial activities, the Site will continue to be monitored to ensure it is functioning as designed. 
  • Regular inspection and any maintenance work will be funded by Atlantic Richfield Company.

Remedial Construction Activities

The Copper Mountain Sports & Recreation Complex Area was built on the site of the Clark Tailings Repository and is currently used as a community sports facility. Nearly one million cubic yards of contaminated soil were excavated from Lower Area One and disposed of at the Clark Tailings Repository in the late 1990s. The tailings were capped, and the facility was closed shortly thereafter; groundwater monitoring has occurred semi-annually since 1996. Recent groundwater monitoring has indicated impacted groundwater is possibly migrating from the tailings area, prompting an existing remedy effectiveness evaluation and potentially further remedial activities.

Site Evaluations 

The Copper Mountain Sports & Recreation Complex Area and surrounding area will be evaluated for current remedy effectiveness. This evaluation includes assessment of any nearby Unreclaimed or Insufficiently Reclaimed Source Areas using the Butte Hill Revegetation Standards (BHRS). It also includes extensive sampling and site characterization to collect data and develop an updated Conceptual Site Model (CSM). If it is determined the existing remedy or additional source areas are contributing to impacted groundwater migration out of the Copper Mountain Sports & Recreation Complex Area, the Site will receive further remediation. All proposed evaluation and remedy work will be performed by Atlantic Richfield Company and the City-County of Butte-Silver Bow using funds provided by Atlantic Richfield Company.

Site Remediation

Any existing remedy improvements or other construction activities will be conducted under the direction of the EPA, in consultation with MDEQ. Further details regarding this work will be determined after the Site Evaluation.