BPSOU Locations

Insufficiently Reclaimed Source Areas

Site-Specific Details

  • The evaluation may require additional sampling to determine if the presence of contaminants of concern, insufficient growth media, or remaining sources contribute to site deficiencies.
  • Following evaluation, a remedial action work plan will be developed and used to direct reclamation activities.
  • Following completion of reclamation activities, each site will be incorporated for ongoing inspection and maintenance within the Butte Reclamation Evaluation System.
  • Regular inspection and any maintenance work will be funded by Atlantic Richfield Company and performed by Butte-Silver Bow County.


Site Evaluations

In the Butte Priority Soils Operable Unit (BPSOU), there are 26 historic mining-related sites (about 100 acres) that were reclaimed to a standard that may not meet the requirements of Butte Hill Revegetation Standards (BHRS). In the remedy, these sites will be evaluated by Butte-Silver Bow County to determine if they meet the BHRS requirements. If not, the sites will receive further reclamation. All reclamation work will be performed by Butte Silver-Bow County using funds provided by Atlantic Richfield Company.

Site Reclamation

Any reclamation and other construction activities that are performed by Butte-Silver Bow County at an insufficiently reclaimed site will be conducted under the direction of the EPA, in consultation with MDEQ. This work will include import and placement of additional soil, revegetation, and/or construction of stormwater controls, which will include additions or upgrades to any curbs and gutters around the site.

For more information on Insufficiently Reclaimed Source Areas, download our fact sheet!

Map of unreclaimed areas
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