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Design Investigation Along the Upper Silver Bow Creek Trail

Atlantic Richfield Company is conducting a design investigation along the upper Silver Bow Creek trail, adjacent to Harrison Avenue and the Butte Civic Center. The purpose of the investigation is to collect geotechnical data that will be used to support the design of...

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Summer 2024 Park Clean Up Notice of Temporary Closures

The Residential Metals Abatement Program (RMAP) will continue cleaning up parks and play areas throughout Butte during the summer of 2024. This work will result in temporary park closures. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation while we complete this...

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2023 RMAP Parks Clean-up

May 2, 2023

During the summer of 2023, the Residential Metals Abatement Program will clean-up eight Butte-area parks. The clean-up work is the result of sampling performed in 2022.  Playgrounds and play areas have been sampled to determine if lead, arsenic, or mercury exceeding local action levels are present.  All areas where kids play, such as around jungle gyms, swing sets, play structures, baseball diamonds, and soccer fields, were evaluated using residential action levels.  For more information on the parks where clean-up will take place, and details on the work that will occur at each location please follow the hyperlinks below.

If you have questions about this work, please contact one of the following project contacts: