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Design Investigation Along the Upper Silver Bow Creek Trail

Atlantic Richfield Company is conducting a design investigation along the upper Silver Bow Creek trail, adjacent to Harrison Avenue and the Butte Civic Center. The purpose of the investigation is to collect geotechnical data that will be used to support the design of...

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Summer 2024 Park Clean Up Notice of Temporary Closures

The Residential Metals Abatement Program (RMAP) will continue cleaning up parks and play areas throughout Butte during the summer of 2024. This work will result in temporary park closures. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation while we complete this...

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AR supports Butte Silver Bow Council of Commissioners

May 21, 2020

Butte, MT. – Atlantic Richfield applauds the City and County of Butte-Silver Bow (BSB) in concluding its public review process and in authorizing BSB to enter the Butte Priority Soils Operable Unit (BPSOU) Consent Decree (CD). We thank the Commission and all community members for the hard work and long hours that went into achieving this significant milestone.

Throughout the BPSOU CD negotiations, the CD Parties have collectively sought input from the community on their vision for Butte’s future, and where possible this input has been incorporated into the remedy and associated land-use plan. Reaching agreement has been a challenging process that has taken over thirteen years since EPA selected its initial remedy in the 2006 BPSOU Record of Decision. During this period, Atlantic Richfield worked cooperatively with the other CD Parties (the US, the State, and BSB) to gather and evaluate the data needed to identify feasible and appropriate remedy options. Atlantic Richfield believes the modified remedy, riparian project, and end land-use plan provide the best solution for the environment, the Butte community, and the State of Montana.

The CD will now be lodged with the federal district court for public comment. The U.S. Department of Justice, in coordination with the EPA and the State of Montana, will publish notice of lodging in the Federal Register, which will provide details on how and when comments can be submitted. Following the close of the public comment period, the U.S. and State will decide whether to file a motion asking the court to approve and enter the CD as a final judgment. Any such motion will include responses to comments received during the public comment period. If that motion is filed and granted, the parties will move forward with implementing the remedy and other work required under the CD.