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Demolition of Manganese Ore Bin at Butte Reduction Works

Watch Atlantic Richfield’s contractor complete demolition of the Manganese Ore Bin at Butte Reduction Works. These bins once stored manganese rich ore, some from the Nettie Mine, prior to additional processing. This work is being completed under the EPA approved Butte...

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BRW Demolition Advisory

Atlantic Richfield crews will begin initial demolition and construction activities at Butte Reduction Works (BRW) the week of December 4th, 2023. Jacobs, Wasley Excavating and other contractors will be on site performing this work. Demolition is expected to conclude...

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BPSOU Construction Advisory – Clark Tailings Consolidated Waste Management Area (Copper Mountain)

Sep 26, 2023

Atlantic Richfield’s crews will be conducting utility locates, drilling operations, and groundwater and soil sampling at Copper Mountain.  This work will begin September 11th and run through October.  The field crews will be working 10-hour days, 7-days a week with periodic days off.  For more information, please visit

This work is occurring to understand the overall condition and performance of the existing repository at Copper Mountain.  This investigation will include evaluation of groundwater and soil contamination within the repository and the effectiveness of the repository cap.  Atlantic Richfield is required to complete this work to fulfill its obligations under the Butte Priority Soils Consent Decree.

Atlantic Richfield has contracted Woodard and Currant to lead this work with the assistance of Cascade Drilling.  The work has been coordinated with Butte-Silver Bow and will be performed under the oversight of the EPA.

Residents of Timber Butte neighborhood may see and hear drill rigs and other construction equipment at Copper Mountain.  Additional fencing may be installed to prevent unauthorized access to the work areas.  This fencing will not prohibit access or use of Copper Mountain.  No adverse traffic impacts are expected in the project area, including Beef Trail Road and South Montana Street.